Welcome aspiring naturalist and lovers of the old ways of doing things.


The Reason

This is a way to bring all my research together. I've spent the last few years of my life, well in truth about seven years, researching and reading about a variety of different subjects. I want to share what all I've come across and point people to more specialized resources than I can provide. That and I'd like to sell a few trinkets and odds and ends that I make on occasion.


“The only difference between bravery and stupidity is actually pulling it off”

— Glenn, my Friend


Speaking of trinkets and the like, some of what I've researched is leather working, wood working, blacksmithing, and general scrimshaw. These items will be making their way to my store page once that comes to light.
Look for bracelets, journals, necklaces, small knives, sheathes, cases, holsters, bows, and what ever else I come up with in the future.


What's to Come

In the immediate future expect species descriptions of useful plants, common or endangered animals, one or two project tutorials, pictures, and blog post of varying topics.

Later on expect to see the following:

  • expanding on the above
  • reviews of various books and materials
  • e-shop
  • trail descriptions
  • medicinal herbs and their uses
  • and more!

Get Involved

As this is an up and coming site with a desire to bring together the information that I find useful, I would greatly appreciate feedback on every post. Submitting topics, species, or projects you'd like to know more about would also be a huge help to grow this site more towards the community of visitors that come here.