Update 3-12-17

Alright It's been a while and I've put some lofty goals out there, with absolutely 0 results so far. Classes are almost over though and at long last I'll be a lot more free to start developing all this. I have the start to several species reports ready to roll out and a handful of projects lined up. I'm not going to spend too much time here talking about it but here's whats coming up in summary:

  • 76 mammal descriptions comprising of track and skull descriptions, quick identifying factors, and a range map of each
  • 80-100 plant descriptions including significance, uses, identifying characteristics, and a range map
  • At least one recipe, one video of a campfire meal, and brush shelter building instructions and video.
  • Some blacksmithing projects including pewter casting and a dagger I'm making

Can't wait for a bit of traffic coming into here and to actually get some content up.