January Update

So its the new year and we've all seen made our resolutions. I'm no different, I've made mine and I'm into my second week of training for a marathon. Before this the furthest I'd ever run was 3 miles! Anyways I digress.

What's important for the site is that I've not forgotten it and have some plans for moving on in the future. I've signed up with Amazon affiliates to start putting a few adds on here and start generating some income, I'll be curating the adds and only promoting items I have either looked into and find promising, or have used or read myself.

The Codex Plantae tab has seen the most love so far, though most of those entries aren't complete. You can expect the text entries to be finished before I incorporate pictures into the post, but fear not those are coming.

I have a friend or two that might be interested in contributing to the site. One acting as editor, and the other working to fill in th more practical side of things, though I'm making no promises here. Let's all just assume that I'll be doing this all on my own from here on out.

The forge is almost up and running again. Next Monday (Jan. 21) I plan to work on and finish some projects I've not been able to work on yet. Once I figure out a good pattern for and-irons, spits, and utensil sets you can bet those will be in the store! Before those Items can make it though, I'll be posting my fire starters there. The shop will be a collection of useful items for a fair price until such a time I can start publishing books from the information collected here. Which is my ultimate goal.

Another project, since I seem to be unable to limit myself in any way whatsoever, is to start up a weekly legends/bestiary podcast. I want to tell the stories my grand dad told me, the legends around my home town and all the tracts of forest... then dive into strange creatures from game and ancient bestiaries.  Likely mixing it up until I find a niche.

I'm also scrapping my you tube channel to start one up under the Rendezvous brand. I have a logo now. its a brand as far as I'm concerned. It's going to be nature and craft themed. Mixing together hiking, animals, plants, blacksmithing, woodworking, cooking by a campfire, and things of that nature! Plus i might rag on a few movies that miss the mark so badly I just have to say something. (The Bay is top of the list. It'll be a short video, but hopefully humorous)

I believe that about sums it up. Let me know what you think in the comments below, look for those amazon links to begin appearing as soon as i figure out how and if you'd rather give me the money directly, then buy me a kofi! https://ko-fi.com/thatredneckguy

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