In Which I Gain Employment and Go to a Conference

February 25, 2018


I have a lot of things to unpack this week so let me begin by warning y’all that this’ll be a long one. I expect that my post from here on out will likely retain this longer format (introductory listing of content, topics discussed in depth, book of the week and discussion about the previous book) from here on out. I think setting up a repeatable format will help these post start taking on a better structure. Without further to do, let’s get going.

The last two weeks have been rather exciting for me, relative to when I started posting these regularly at least. I have managed to land a job! Confirmed, agreed to terms, and just finishing up the paper work. Two days later I went to the Environmental Educators of Alabama Association conference in Dauphin Island, Alabama. The conference is open to those not currently employed as teacher, but to those considering an educational position. Being someone who’s more or less open to trying anything even semi-related to my field I decided that this was a good opportunity for some networking. Turns out I was correct, but more on that later. The Codex Informata section of the site is about to be receiving some attention as well! I want to use it to post a few of my papers condensing my thoughts on certain subjects I’ve come across or happened to find interesting that week. These will be located in the sub-section dubbed “The Archives” and will receive an announcement post when they’re updated.

Concerning My Employment

Anyone that has graduated from college without a job waiting on them knows the terrible wait that follows. You seek out, find, and apply for hundreds of jobs in a month only to then wait eons for the responses to finally begin to trickle in. If they trickle in at all. After two months of this I had only received five notifications that I had not been selected for a position. Well that was better than the never knowing what they had thought of me.

At last I managed to find someone as desperate for an employee as I was to find and employer. Two over the phone interviews later and a week and a day of waiting I finally received an offer from them. Despite no housing or other benefits aside from a company car for travel to and from the trail heads I believed the deal to be an overall agreeable one.

Starting on April the 10th of 2018 I’ll be starting a new series of writings I’m considering calling “Tales from the Frontier” or something like that. Probably won’t go with that. These writing will contain updates on the job, progress of the work we’re doing, and any humorous occurrences that befall us in the wilderness.

“Wait, you said there isn’t housing offered, you’ll finally be getting your own place?” you might have thought. Well the answer is somewhat complicated. Blessedly I will be moving out of my parent’s place. Nothing like being stuck somewhere for three months to remind you why you want to move out again. I will not, however, be moving into a permanent residence. The non-profit I’ll be working for has secured two camping lots in a local park and I’ve elected to stay there for the duration of my contract, or until the park closes for the season, whichever happens first. This means that I’m going to either lose a lot of weight of get really good at fishing, foraging, and campfire cooking. I hope to make some entertaining, informative, and wholesome content during my down time. If nothing else I hope this will allow me to finally get into the shape I’ve been striving to get into and only slowly been working towards.

The EEAA Conference

Now If you’re like me you probably never realized there was even such a thing as an enviro-ed conference let alone one in Alabama. They’re a quiet group that I found to be among the friendliest and earnest group I’ve ever been around. Everyone there, vendors included, wanted to be there and believed in what they were doing. It was a genuine pleasure to hear any individual talk about what it is that they did for a living, old hobbies they used to have, or projects they were just starting to undertake. I hope that I’m close enough to Mt. Cheha for next year’s conference.

While there, as with any professional conference, there were talks or events you could elect to attend to gain some knowledge about a topic you hadn’t studied much, or techniques you were unfamiliar with. This conference also included a variety of field trips we could attend while at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab to see the various aspects of the island and surrounding waters. I elected to take the boat tour and learned a great deal about Mobile Bay, the fishes therein, and an unexpected invasive species encroaching on the artificial reefs there. It was a great way to spend the first half of the day.

I won’t pretend to be heavily invested in this organization, as I myself an no formal educator, but I am grateful that they allowed me to attend. I learned a lot, I have more books to read, and I made some connections that could easily lead to some more permanent positions in the future.

The Book Corner

In the last post I recommended Jordan B. Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life. It took me a little while longer to work through this novel than I had originally intended. I purchased both the kindle version and the audible version to test out the wispersync stuff they’re always going on about, but found I had more time to listen than to read. That being said, it was very easy to pick up on the paper where I left off in the audio version so the tech works as advertised.

12 Rules for Life takes a critical look at the most common problems Dr. Peterson has seen in his practice and online forums. He then proposes 12 rules along with essays better demonstrating their implementation that can greatly improve everyone’s well being. I found this to be a beneficial text, and I’m glad for the e-book version that I can quickly and easily access to reference anytime I need. I recommend if you didn’t check this out last week to do this week instead.

Book of the Week: Rise of Endymion book 4 in the Hyperion Cantos. I’m excited to see (or hear) how this four book collection ends. The universe Dan Simmons built this series in has kept me enthralled since I first started listening and I hope y’all finish this journey with me.