The Training Gauntlet


Since Last Time

Its been quite a while since I’ve posted here and theres quite a few things that have been going on. A quick list of whats in this section, to save you time if you want to skip that is:

Trail Scouting for the summer

Orientation with the new trail crew members

Wilderness Skills Institute, week 1

Trail scouting has spurred up my spirit for this job. The locales we’re going to be working in are absolutely stunning. Two of them take place alone near-bald peaks surrounded by stunning vistas. While the others take place in valleys right near these stunning vistas, so either way I’ll be spending time in and around areas that are some of the most beautiful in the state of Virginia. We’re even rerouting part of the AT so that it no longer follows the slope up and is an easier climb for hikers going north or south!

After the trail scouting my crew leader and I headed south to meet up with the rest of our organization and the new crew members. They will all be working south of us, but it was nice to meet all of them anyways. At orientation we went over the employee handbook once more, and then moved on to company policies. All in all it wasn’t the most exciting time and I lost my watch there, something I’ll be replacing soon enough with something analogue.

That started us on the path to the Wilderness Skills Institute. Now since I am not going there independently I was assigned to a class for this week. That class happened to be Building Strong Partnerships in Wilderness. I won’t say much about it here, but I will be bold enough to say I was marginally disappointed in not going to the rigging course instead. I did get some valuable insights into the use of social media! You can expect me to be using more of the scheduling features from here on out on all the platforms I’m apart of.

Looking Ahead

Next week is the final week of WSI. I’ll be helping teach a class on trail construction and maintenance from Tuesday to Friday. I’ve also gotten all of the bushcraft class info on my phone so I can give myself a refresher course on the beginner info and move into the intermediate classes once I spend 4 afternoons and 1 overnight to finish out the beginner classes. I’ll leave a link at the bottom if you want to check out these classes for yourself.

Book(s) of the Week

Amber and I have decided we’re going to read a book together and this last one I can whole heartedly recommend: Ready Player One To be honest I enjoyed this book all the way to the end!

I’ve also been using this book a good bit in the past few weeks. Mushrooms of the Carolinas Its a great guide for many species across the southeast! Though with any guide, I recommend looking for a guide as local to your area as possible. Likely they’ll be lighter and more relevant, but this is available on kindle and again seems to run the gamut for all common south eastern species.

If you want to read the next book along with us, I’ll go ahead and link it here as well! Tooth and Claw I can’t promise that it’s any good, but I will be finding that out soon enough.

Bushcraft references: Bushcraft 101, Advanced Bushcraft, Buschraft First Aid, Bushcraft Hunting and Trapping, These are all good overviews especially for those not familiar with bushcraft or those wanting a more casual and practical form or survivalism.



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