May Update


The Last Few Weeks

At last I’ve found the time and connection to fill you in on what all has been going on. Two big things have happened really; Wilderness First Responder training, and a cross cut saw certification. We’ve also been put up in the campsite I’ll spend most of the summer in. I’d say for the rest of the time, but we have a two week move coming up here soon for another bout of training.

Let’s take a closer look at the Wilderness First Responder (WFR) training. We arrived at the little bunk-cabin on a Friday afternoon to get ready for our first class the next morning. It was quickly made known to us the cabin was infested with a family of squirrels. They were quite happy to run about from 11pm to 4am. Despite their best efforts to keep us awake, we managed to sleep well enough and arrived for our first class at 8:00am. Our instructor made this class the single most enjoyable class that I’ve had the pleasure of taking. The first day, and every day after flew by! I’m going to break down some of these topics we covered for Codex Informata, but only those that are easy enough to understand through reading.

We received one day off before hiking out for this last bit of training. So tired, groggy, and barely washed we stumbled up to the van and drove back to west North Carolina. We unloaded, did some work on some tread, and hiked deeper in to our camp. This was a 12 hour day, but thankfully we dialed it back to a normal work day after that. This was also the time period I fell in love with the precision instrument that is the cross cut saw. These things are simply amazing for cutting through logs. The major downsides to them is the sheer amount of maintenance with specialized tools you have to do to keep them in optimum shape. That and how large and heavy they are to carry in comparison to a chainsaw that does the work faster. Despite these things I’m going to be keeping my eyes open for a single man cross cut.


What’s to Come

After this training was over I set out for Virginia. At last I’ve gotten up to the state I’ll be working in! I’ve set up at Cave Mountain Lake and just this morning I hiked the trail to the peak near the camp. Its a beautiful, if isolated, part of the country. I’m sad that in two weeks I’ll be packing up to head back to Tennessee for more training instead of just staying put. After that, however, I’ll be in this site for quite a while. The end of August at least.