Mock Strawberry

Mock Strawberry

Rosaceae Duchesnea indica


Mock Strawberry is found throughout the eastern, mid-western, and west coast of the United States and Canada as well as Kansas. It grows in open forest, new forest plantations, forest edges, pastures, lawns, and is somewhat shade adapted. It spreads much like true strawberries: rootcrowns, stolons, and animal dispersed seeds.

It is an insignificant plant for wildlife use, though the berries are eaten by small mammals and birds. The leaves are likely not browsed upon significantly.

For human use it is considered flavorless and non-toxic. It holds no medicinal properties but can be used as a filler in jams and preserves in hard times.

This plant is sometimes considered a nuisance in lawns. It is easily killed with 2,4-D or Glyphosate.

Fires seem to promote regrowth from the roots.